Closed & Open Cell Removal

Loft Spray Foam Insulation Removal

Due to popular demand we are now offering loft spray foam insulation removal!

We have recently been inundated with spray foam insulation removal requests so we are now offering this as a service.

We can successfully remove up to 95% of the spray foam from your loft in our removal process. A standard sized property can take between 2 - 5 days for removal dependant on loft size

Once you get in touch we will arrange a home visit to carry out an assessment and talk you through all the options available.

Why remove Foam Insulation?

Most lenders unfortunately wont accept properties with spray foam insulation applied in the loft area. This is because it reduces ventilation within the roof space, potentially causing humidity and damp; placing roof timbers at risk of decay.


Having spray foam insulation in your loft can also affect the value of your property. 


The solution is to remove the insulation and replace it with a standard product and make good any damage caused, this is essential before a lender will consider your application.

The removal process is a very physically demanding job, our staff are nimble and dedicated and are fully trained to give the best results.

Please see below a quick time lapse video which includes some of what's involved in spray foam removal. This time laps covers approximately 12 hours worth of work for the small area you can see.