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All Seasons Terms & Conditions – 05/2024
By accepting our quotation and paying the deposit, you agree to be bound by the terms & conditions of All Seasons Property Services Ltd. These terms & conditions can be found on our website and will also be sent along with your quote for reference.

Payment Terms

1.    For all services rendered, the full payment is required to be made on the completion date of the project. Exceptions to this policy can only be accommodated if alternative arrangements have been agreed upon and documented in writing prior to the completion date. This ensures a clear understanding and agreement on payment expectations between all parties involved.
2.    Late Payment Interest: In cases of unpaid invoices, we reserve the right to charge late payment interest in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and subsequent regulations. The late payment interest rate will be calculated based on at no more than 3% per annum above the Back of England Base Rate. Interest will accrue from the original due date until the outstanding amount is settled in full. By accepting our services and entering into an agreement with us, you agree to the charging of late payment interest as specified above and in accordance with applicable legislation. Timely payments are your responsibility to avoid late payment interest. If a payment remains unpaid for 90 days, we reserve the right to share your information with a debt collection agency for debt recovery, including accrued interest and charges. You will be responsible for all related collection charges, including interest.

Payment Terms for Businesses: 

1.    Payment Due Date (Excluding Spray Foam Removal): For all work conducted for businesses, excluding Spray Foam Removal, payment is due within 7 days from the date of invoice. By accepting these terms, you agree to be personally liable for the business debt in case payment is not received within this 7-day period. We reserve the right to directly pursue the individual who arranged the quote/survey or accepted the project for expedited payment, including direct communication with the responsible party to facilitate prompt resolution. Our commitment is to ensure timely and efficient settlement of accounts within the business context, excluding Spray Foam Removal transactions.
2.    Payment for Spray Foam Removal: For Spray Foam Removal projects, full payment must be received in advance before any work commences. By accepting these terms, you acknowledge the requirement for advance payment for Spray Foam Removal services. We are committed to providing transparent and efficient financial arrangements for all aspects of our services.


1.    High temperatures may impact the completion of our work. However specifically with lofts, we can employ high-power ventilation systems to alleviate some of these effects.
2.    Should the temperatures rise excessively, we may have to postpone the work to the next available slot in our schedule.
3.    We will endeavour to notify you of any weather-induced rescheduling as swiftly as possible.
4.    External roof work is highly dependent on weather conditions; we cannot proceed during rain or in the presence of strong winds. Should such conditions arise, the work will need to be rescheduled.
5.    In the event of a rescheduling due to weather, it will be arranged for our next available opportunity, and we shall not be subject to penalties for weather delays.
6.    We are also not responsible for any damage that may occur due to adverse weather conditions.

Property Access

1.    You are responsible for ensuring safe and unobstructed access to your property for our staff. Please clear any obstacles or hazards that may impede their entry or movement prior to our scheduled arrival. Access may be required and must be provided between the hours of 08:00am to 20:00pm for all works.
2.    Our staff will need access to toilet facilities on-site. These facilities should be clean, well-maintained, and easily accessible. If a toilet is not available on the premises, please inform us at the time of accepting the quote. We can arrange for toilet facilities, but please note that this may affect the quote price and project planning.
3.    An area with handwashing facilities, including soap and clean towels, must be provided for our staff to maintain proper hygiene standards. If such facilities are not available, you must inform us upon acceptance of the quote.
4.    Access to tap drinking water must be available to our staff throughout their working hours on your premises. If tap drinking water is not accessible, you must inform us upon acceptance of the quote.
5.    In the event that toilet facilities, handwashing areas, or tap drinking water are not provided as specified in points 2, 3, and 4 above, we reserve the right to levy an additional charge to cover the costs of making alternative arrangements. This additional charge will be communicated to you in advance, provided that we are notified at the time of accepting the quote. If notification is received after the quote acceptance, the additional charge will be reflected on your invoice.
6.    Failure to provide prior notice regarding any lack of toilet facilities, handwashing areas, or tap drinking water may result in a delay in commencing work, and we reserve the right to charge additional fees for any such delays incurred as a result.
7.    Any arrival times provided by us are estimates and should be considered as approximate. While we strive to adhere to the scheduled timing, factors such as traffic and unforeseen circumstances may cause delays. We cannot be penalized or held liable for being late due to such circumstances. 


1.    Exclusion of Liability for Property Defects: Our company shall not be held liable for any damages arising from the decorative, structural, or electrical defects of your property. This includes, but is not limited to, issues stemming from poor maintenance, inherent property flaws, or pre-existing conditions that we have not expressly agreed to remedy.
2.    Limitation on Liability for Lath and Plaster Ceilings: We expressly disclaim any liability for the repair, replacement, or redecoration of ceilings composed of lath and plaster. This includes damages such as crumbling, cracking, or detachment, which may occur naturally or as a result of changes in the building, including but not limited to alterations in the loft area. Any such damage or deterioration of these ceilings falls outside the scope of our responsibility.
3.    Non-Liability for Skim Layer and Plasterboard Issues: We are not responsible for any damages related to ceilings that have only a thin skim layer or where the plasterboard is inadequately bonded. This includes issues such as screw pops or detachment of plasterboard due to screw fixtures. We shall bear no responsibility for the repair, replacement, or rectification of such occurrences.
4.    Exclusion of Liability for Beam Movement Damages: We shall not be held responsible for any damages resulting from the movement of beams or structural supports due to weight load, including, but not limited to, the weight of individuals walking on or near these structures. This includes any subsequent damage to the property, such as cracks, displacements, or structural weakening. Our liability does not cover the repair, replacement, or any remediation efforts related to such occurrences.
5.    In situations where our staff cause damage to ceilings, we will ensure the repair of the structural damage, namely the hole. Please be aware that this commitment specifically excludes the restoration of any decorative aspects, such as painting, textures, or other finishes, which will not be covered under our repair responsibilities.


1.    If you wish to cancel our services, please notify us in writing at within the 7-day cooling-off period.
2.    In the case of cancellation during the 7-day cooling-off period, any booked accommodation, asbestos tests, and any other additional expenses will be deducted from your deposit.
3.    If you cancel outside of this period, you may lose your deposit as a result.
4.    A 3.5% admin fee will be applied for any cancellations made once the deposit has been paid.
5.    All Seasons Property Services may send an automated SMS text message or make a call on the evening before the scheduled workday to confirm arrival times. Please note that this message cannot be replied to.
6.    If you choose to cancel our services when the workmen are en-route or after our workmen have arrived on-site, the full invoiced amount for the scheduled services will be charged. Any cancellation notice received after the confirmation text message mentioned in point 6 will result in a charge.
7.    We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule your job/work at any point. Deposits will not be refunded if you decide to cancel as a result.
8.    Early Commencement of Services: If you expressly request that our services begin within the 7-day cooling-off period, you acknowledge and agree that you will lose your right to cancel and receive a full refund once the services have commenced. If you subsequently cancel the service before it is fully completed, you may be required to pay for the part or all the service that has been performed up until the point of cancellation.

Right to Refuse Work

1.    All Seasons Property Services Ltd reserves the right to refuse certain work/jobs, even if we have already received advance payment from you to secure the date.
2.    The advance payment serves as a deposit to secure the date and does not constitute a verbal or written contract between us to complete the work.
3.    In the event of an infestation, hazards, or the presence of hazardous materials such as asbestos that may potentially cause delays or safety concerns, we reserve the right to cancel or postpone our services. If such a situation arises and we are compelled to pause or cancel our work, you will be billed for the day or part of the day during which we were present at your property. Additionally, any deposit that has already been paid may be utilized as a partial or full payment towards the invoiced amount.

Spray-Foam Removal

1.    We will make reasonable efforts to remove as much loose foam insulation as reasonably possible, taking into account factors such as accessibility and the condition of the underlying surfaces.
2.    The extent of foam removal will be at our discretion, based on professional judgment.
3.    Please note that unless your loft is undergoing a total clearance, loose foam insulation is generally left intact. Our main goal is to carefully remove the spray foam from the roof structure, ensuring your project is completed effectively and safely. We aim to preserve the integrity of your existing insulation as much as possible.
4.    If you have specific requirements regarding the removal of loose foam insulation or if you believe a comprehensive removal is necessary, please communicate this clearly during the project planning stage. Any additional costs associated with extensive loose foam insulation removal will be discussed and agreed upon before commencing work.
5.    We cannot guarantee that the completion of foam removal will guarantee acceptance of equity release or mortgage applications. The final decision rests with the relevant financial institutions, and it is beyond our control. However, as of the time of writing these terms and conditions, we have not encountered any instances where a property we have worked on was refused after the foam was removed.
6.    While we make every effort to minimize damage, there may be instances where the removal of foam insulation can cause damage to the felt/membrane or other components of the roof. We will take all reasonable precautions to prevent such damage, but we cannot be held responsible for any resulting issues.
7.    Foam Insulation Removal Scope and Limitations:
Our aim is to remove at least 95% of the foam insulation from all reasonably accessible areas of the main roof space. Our remit generally ends at the level of the ceiling/cavity wall and does not extend outwards into the eave/soffit areas. The focus is on the main roof area, and we typically do not address the eave/soffit areas where removal may be difficult or impossible. In cases where spray foam in soffit/eave areas cannot be removed, we recommend the installation of roof tile vents to enhance ventilation and mitigate potential moisture issues. This approach helps ensure both effective insulation removal and adequate roof ventilation.

Closed-Cell Spray Foam Removal additional terms.

1.    Closed-Cell Spray Foam Removal is a highly dangerous procedure. Unauthorized individuals must keep a safe distance from all work areas, including access areas.
2.    While we endeavour to minimize damage, the nature of Closed-Cell Spray Foam Removal inherently risks harm to surfaces such as felt, membrane, tiles, and wood. Please be advised that we cannot assume liability for any damage occurring as a result of the removal process. On occasion, we may utilize subcontractors to complete spray foam removal on properties, depending on machine availability.
Test Patch and Refund Policy:
3.    After receiving your deposit, we'll perform a preliminary test patch to assess the project's viability. If we determine the removal isn't feasible, we'll fully refund your deposit, ensuring no financial risk to you.
4.    We reserve the right to cancel the project at any stage without repercussions to our company.

Roof Repair & Cleaning

While these terms are more specific than others, they are in addition to all other terms and conditions outlined in the rest of this document:

1.    The scope of roof cleaning services will be outlined in the quotation provided to you. This will include details such as the specific cleaning methods to be used and any additional services, such as moss removal or gutter cleaning, if applicable.
2.    While we strive to provide a thorough and effective cleaning service, we do not guarantee the complete removal of all stains, discoloration, or debris from your roof. The results may vary depending on factors such as the age and condition of the roof, weather conditions, and the type of stains or contaminants present.
3.    Our roof cleaning methods are designed to be safe and non-destructive to your roof. However, certain roofs may have pre-existing conditions, such as loose or damaged tiles, fragile surfaces, or structural issues. We cannot be held responsible for any damage or exacerbation of existing problems that may arise during or after the cleaning process.
4.    It is your responsibility to ensure that any delicate or valuable items, such as outdoor furniture, plants, or decorations, are properly secured or removed from the vicinity of the cleaning area. We cannot be held liable for any damage caused to such items during the cleaning process.
5.    Weather conditions can impact the effectiveness and safety of roof work. In cases of heavy rain, strong winds, or severe weather warnings, we may need to reschedule the works to ensure the safety of our staff and the quality of the results this will be at our discretion. We will make every effort to notify you promptly in such situations.
6.    Payment for roof works are due in full on the completion date unless prior arrangements have been made. Any additional services or materials requested during the work process may incur additional charges, which will be communicated to you in advance.
7.    All Seasons Property Services Ltd reserves the right to use before and after photographs of your roof for promotional and marketing purposes. We will ensure that any identifying information or sensitive details are removed or obscured from such images.
8.    We do not accept liability for any damage or issues that may arise due to pre-existing roof conditions, such as leaks, structural deficiencies, or defective materials. It is recommended to address any such concerns prior to engaging roof cleaning services.
9.    In the event of cancellation or rescheduling of any roof service, please notify us as soon as possible. Depending on the timing of the cancellation, you may be subject to cancellation fees or loss of deposit as outlined in our general cancellation policy.
10.    All Seasons Property Services Ltd reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice.



1.    We do not guarantee the final cosmetic appearance once the work is complete.
2.    Unless otherwise agreed, the loft area should be cleared prior to the start of any work. If the loft is not emptied, a charge at our standard removal rate will be applied. However, we will not be liable for any breakages if items need to be moved.
3.    Unless stated otherwise, we will not remove rubbish, existing insulation, and/or other stored items from the loft space.
4.    Due to the hazardous nature of the job, you must keep a safe distance from the loft and loft hatch until the work is completed. Do not enter the loft until it is deemed safe to do so.
5.    Unless stated otherwise and only if quoted, we will lay traditional rolled insulation over existing boarding.
6.    If you require spotlight hoods for non-regulation lights (pre-2011), a fee of £12 will be applied for each hood, which includes supply and installation on the same day.
7.    Storage platforms will be placed at the discretion of All Seasons Property Services Ltd, and their size may vary slightly depending on available space.
8.    Unless stated otherwise, storage platforms will be built on top of existing boards if present. We utilize the LoftLeg or equivalent System with 18mm boards.
9.    Loft storage platforms are intended for storage purposes only and should not be stood upon or used as access walkways.
10.    Vermiculite or potential asbestos-containing insulation, if this is found during the project, work will stop until an accredited asbestos tester confirms its presence or absence. You must share the results with us. If asbestos is present, it must be removed by an authorized asbestos company before work resumes. Choosing to cancel the project at this stage will result in the full invoice amount being charged.
11.    Please review the quote thoroughly. If there is any aspect of the service that has been discussed but is not explicitly included in the written quote, it is your responsibility to bring this to our attention before accepting the quote. Be aware that only the services and terms listed in the quote will be honoured. Any other communications or agreements outside of the written quote will not be considered binding or actionable. 
12.    Accessibility and Safety Acknowledgement: All Seasons Property Services Ltd assumes customer awareness of an agreement to our work being limited to safely accessible areas. Inaccessible or unsafe areas, as determined by our technicians, will not be serviced. We are not liable for service limitations due to such accessibility or safety constraints. Insulation Roll Thickness and Depth: All Seasons Property Services Ltd installs insulation using rolls of specified thicknesses (100mm, 170mm, 200mm). Final insulation depth may vary and is not guaranteed to match the sum thickness of the rolls used.
13.    Limitations of Complimentary Survey: The complimentary initial survey provided by All Seasons Property Services Ltd is conducted primarily from the hatch area and serves as a basic guide for quoting purposes. It is not an in-depth analysis and may not identify all potential issues or areas requiring attention. This limited scope means that some aspects may be inadvertently overlooked in the survey. The customer acknowledges and agrees that All Seasons Property Services Ltd is not responsible for any missed areas or unidentified issues in the complimentary survey. For a thorough examination, customers are encouraged to opt for our detailed, paid survey service.
14.    Exclusion of Eave Areas and Airflow Considerations when installing insulation: All Seasons Property Services Ltd focuses on insulation services from the cavity walls inwards. Eave areas, which extend outwards from the side of the building, are not included in our standard insulation services to maintain necessary airflow throughout the loft. We do not block these areas with insulation, ensuring proper ventilation as per building regulations. Customers should be aware that our work remit and quotations do not cover eave areas, and maintaining airflow in the loft is a priority in our approach. If specific services related to eave areas are required, these will need separate assessment and potential additional charges.

Email & Text Communications

1.    By engaging All Seasons Property Services Ltd for your chosen service, you may receive emails or texts from us informing you of various promotional offers. If you do not wish to receive such communications, you can click on the "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of our emails or email us at with the subject line: "Please remove me from your email and text list."
2.    We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice.

Please ensure that you carefully read and understand these terms and conditions before proceeding with our services. Should any specific terms and conditions outlined in a particular quote conflict with these general terms and conditions, the relevant terms in the specific quote will override the corresponding general terms.

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